28 May, 2011


1. Underwater
2. Golden Dress
3. Cameo Appearance
4. Nii
5. Green Wand
6. Girls Annoy Boys (feat. Alie Lavoie)
7. Daisy

Artwork by Tatiana Plakhova


Anonymous said...

Problem in download :(

"Hmm, that shouldn't have happened.

Please go back and try reloading the page, waiting for it to load fully. Sorry for the inconvenience!"


Anonymous said...

loved the new EP!

deejitaru said...

Dude, I've been listening to your stuff since 2010 and, this is just me but you're up there with Bonobo and all the other chill hop ambient, final fantasy-esque guys.

Love your stuff.

me@matthiga.com (i'm okinawan too...idk if u are but with music like that you my brother anyway. :))