05 March, 2010

New News


We've currently finished our first full length album.
It is called "Naha" and includes 12 Tracks.

We plan the release on March 12th. Album will be available for free downloading at our blog. (also at last.fm)

It's a home recorded album, all tracks are written and produced by us.
We're also going to make about 10-15 CDs for friends, because there is no need to make more copies. (yet)

We've also got some new photos and staff, so keep in touch, follow this blog and we'll show you everything.



Skishua said...

I'm so excited! If you make your CD available for purchase, I would definitely buy a copy, by the way.

manqi said...

mSvenieria ! CD mec minda, 10-15 kacSi tu ar Sevdivar me16c daamatet ;)) 3 :*